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SF Fantasy Baseball 2014


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As the start of MLB's regular season is fast approaching, I' m wondering if we're going to run a fantasy league again.

I'm definitely interested and would be willing to set it up if no one else has the time to do it. I would just need a few pointers.

Anyhoo, I guess we need at least 8 interested parties to make the league viable.

I guess all those who are interested can express their interest here and then we can decide what type of league/leagues we want to run.

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That makes five of us. We need at least three more. What type of league do we want? Do we want to do both head to head and points leagues or just one or the other? Also, we had discussed last year the possibility of a live draft. Is that the way we want to go this year or are we going to stick with the auto draft?

Opinions please! :)

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I'll wait until next Monday to see if we can attract any more interest and then I'll set up the leagues. Even though live drafts are fun , I think it's more convenient to go with the autodraft. Unless there are any objections, I think I'll go with both a head-to-head league and a points league.

As for the double points for Astros players suggestion, I think we should take it under advisement. Perhaps we can extend it to include those unfortunates who end up with a Blue Jays starting pitcher on their roster. :D

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I've created the leagues a little ahead of schedule. The league name for the head to head is Songfacts and the league ID# is 153625. For the points league the name is Songfacts 2 and the league ID is 153781. For the autodfraft format, if you don't like the way Yahoo has ranked the players, you can go to draft central and edit the player rankings as you see fit.

So far the Knuckle Draggers and Butt Floss are the only two teams registered. We need a minimum of 4 teams to maintain each league. You can register anytime you like.

If you have any problems registering, you can send me a message in the private topics or just post under this thread.

When we think we have as many teams as we're going to get, I'll activate the autodraft. If you know of any other Songfacters who might like to participate, you may want to let them know. I know that Kevin and Rayzor have participated in the past.

As far as I can tell, the scoring is the same as it's been in past years. Yahoo will keep and update statistics on a daily basis. All the information on scoring, trading and trade deadlines can be found on the Yahoo Fantasy Baseball website.

You can use whatever Yahoo login and password you've used in the past or you can create new ones.

Good luck to everyone and let the trash talking begin. :jester: :thumbsup:

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Thanks Carole.

We now have 5 teams in the head-to-head league and 4 in the points league. We need at least 1 more team for the head-to-head league as, obviously, we need an even number of teams.

Just a reminder that I'm still planning to activate the autodraft on Wednesday at 6 p.m. Mountain Standard Time.

If someone is going to have trouble making this deadline, please let me know. I can always extend the deadline to Thursday or Friday.

Good luck to all!!! :cool:


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I'm in both, Can Am. It's your call, but I think you would want at least 8 teams for the head-to-head ,if possible. Delay the draft up until the last minute ( without missing the first week of play ) if necessary to try and get that many would be my advice. Any word from Carl or others yet ? He usually plays.

When are the first games ? I think there's some in Australia this year-is that soon or this week ?

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