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Harold Ramis Dead at 69

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The world is a much less funny place today due to the death of Harold Ramis. Movie comedy legend...think:

Animal House, Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Stripes, Groudhog Day and many more...he was the writer of co-writer on those movies and more. He was also a hilarious actor..perfect deadpan style. harold was also brilliant on Second City TV.

Thankfully, he left us a legacy of humour that will never die.

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Look at these writing credits...there are several great careers in this body of work:

The National Lampoon Radio Hour (1973–1974)

The National Lampoon Show (1975) (Stage)

Second City Television (1976–1979) (TV)

National Lampoon's Animal House (with Doug Kenney and Chris Miller) (1978)

Delta House (1979) (TV)

Meatballs (with Dan Goldberg and Len Blum) (1979)

Caddyshack (with Doug Kenney and Brian Doyle-Murray) (1980)

Stripes (with Dan Goldberg and Len Blum) (1981)

The Rodney Dangerfield Show: It's Not Easy Bein' Me (1982) (TV)

Ghostbusters (with Dan Aykroyd) (1984)

Back to School (with Steven Kampmann, Will Porter, and Peter Torokvei) (1986)

Club Paradise (with Brian Doyle-Murray and Chris Miller) (1986)

Armed and Dangerous (with Peter Torokvei) (1986)

Caddyshack II (with Peter Torokvei) (1988)

Ghostbusters II (with Dan Aykroyd) (1989)

Rover Dangerfield (with Rodney Dangerfield) (1991)

Groundhog Day (with Danny Rubin) (1993)

Analyze This (with Kenneth Lonergan and Peter Tolan) (1999)

Bedazzled (with Larry Gelbart and Peter Tolan) (2000)

Analyze That (with Peter Tolan and Peter Steinfeld) (2002)

Year One (with Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky) (2009)

Ghostbusters: The Video Game (with Dan Aykroyd) (2009) (Video Game)

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His one minute in the movie "Knocked Up" drew the whole thing together. Writer, actor, producer and from what I read, a genuinely humble warm-hearted human being, his work was always fresh and funny. Had never seen "Analyse This" until last night on cable. It had me laughing out loud, as all his stuff did.

The future is little less enjoyable without him.

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