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Is Obama's Obamacare As Toxic As Iraq Was For Bush?


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Much of the media has ignored the focal point of the troubled Obamacare start-up, the fact Obama had 'outsourced' the American Health Care Network to a Canadian company.

The ObamaCare systems no-bid contract was given to a company called CGI. CGI owns a subsidiary company called Silver Oak Solutions (SOS) which developed the PRISM system for the NSA.

I would really like to know how many back door connections are built into the ObamaCare systems so the NSA and PRISM can extract everyone's personal, financial and now medical data, in addition to all the other data they're collecting on all of America every day.

I fear the "glitches" and failures we've all been hearing about, aren't failures at all. They're intentional, to limit access so fewer people are able to see how much their premiums are going up until after the 2014 elections.

I fear also America is being manipulated and lied to...yet again, by our elected officials.

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I guess that's a "No," Joe?

It might be a little early to just arbitrarily say it could never be as toxic. It could at some future time.

Recall that very few if any casualties happened in the beginning phases of Desert Freedom. And public (and Congressional) support did not suffer wane until after the 'Mission Accomplished' debacle. That coinsided with outside terrorist groups moved in to fill the void left by Saddam.

Obama seems to be striding toward his 'Mission Accomplished' debacle with this order that small to medium businesses must take an oath to satisfy the IRS.

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Although I certainly don't know all the fine points of the "Obamacare Program", I never understood all the vitriol directed at the President for trying to reform a bloated and patently unfair medical system. I'm sure "Obamacare" is a less than perfect system but it has to be better for MOST people than the sytem it replaced. The old US healthcare system was the MOST EXPENSIVE per capita healthcare system in the G20 group of nations and yet more than 50 million Americans could not afford healthcare insurance and many others had to take out second mortgages or declare bankruptcy to pay their medical bills. By almost all measures, the old US healthcare system ranked at or near the bottom compared to healthcare systems in other G20 countries.

"Obamacare" may be flawed, but at least it's a step in the right direction. Instead of trying to repeal the legislation, it seems to me the Republicans should come up with ways to make "Obamacare" better.

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