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Song suggestions for a slideshow

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A friend of mine has some very nice old photos of the railroad that many of my relatives once worked at. The photos consist of the railroad, trains, depots, stations, etc... and the people who worked on the railroad. He would like to put music to the slideshow from around that era. Most of the photos are from around 1940 to 1955 or so... suggestions on what song/songs to use would be very much appreciated...Thanks.

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Lehigh Valley Railroad Slideshow

My friend had problems processing the video, so I gave it a try...took me awhile but got it to work...these are photos of the railroad many of my relatives worked at...also from the town I grew up in...Edna, thanks for suggesting "working on the railroad" song...I used a different version, but loved the song..fits well with the photos....and thanks to all who offered suggestions also...

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