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Phil Everly dies at 74

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This news this morning really hits me hard. Like most, I fell in love with the Everly Brothers' distinctly different sound the first time I heard it on the radio, as a boy. No one had ever interpreted youth-oriented lyrics with that kind of close harmonic certitude.

In the mid-80's, I worked at a small country music station and put together a retrospective Saturday afternoon two-hour show about the lives of the duo. I interviewed Phil live, over the phone, for a couple minutes in the middle of that show. He was so kind and gracious while being accessible to a nobody like me, that I followed his career closely the remainder of his life.

The duet's anthology album, "Roots" was the backbone for that afternoon's show and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in these two vanguard rockers who linked the genre's Country music foundations with its diverse future in the mid-1950's.

RIP, my moment-in-time friend.

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