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The Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz (2001-2013)


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After 12 years and 144 monthly quizzes, we say farewell to the Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz, at least in its current form.

Hard to believe, but when we started running these in 2001, we could ask questions like "Who is Brian Warner?"

You probably just looked that one up and got the answer in a few seconds. That's the problem - the quiz became more of a research project than a musical brain tease.

The Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz represents all that was good about Web 1.0. Built for the love of music, it helped foster this wonderful community that we continue to love and nurture. It was a very human effort with real people writing the questions, tallying the results and mailing the T-shirts. We did it not to meet some metric or brand some product, but because it was fun.

There will be more trivia here at Songfacts, but it will be adapted for changing technology and attention spans. The mighty Zhivko has something in the works.

I've always loved a good trivia question - I once asked this one on the air and took calls for 3 hours before someone got it right (he won Allman Brothers tickets):

Gregg Allman shot himself in the foot to dodge the draft. How did his brother Duane get out of the war?

Nowadays, the best delivery method for these meaty trivia questions is Facebook. We do "Tuesday Trivia" most weeks and get a pretty good response. (Here's our Facebook page.)

Thanks to all who took the quiz and being part of this incredible community. Huge thanks to Brad, who was the human behind so much of this and one of the greatest musical minds out there. We wouldn't have made it close to 144 without him.

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