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Quiz Ending December 2013


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No perfect scores this time.

With 9 correct answers, our Quiz winner of a cool and comfortable SongFacts t-shirt for the last quiz of 2013 is:

Jodi from La Mirada, CA :coolio:

Here are the answers to the quiz:

1. What song was recorded by Roy Orbison, Cyndi Lauper, and Celine Dion?

"I Drove All Night"

2. What popular singer's only #1 U.S. Hot 100 hit was written for an Eddie Murphy movie?

Bob Seger - "Shakedown" was featured in Beverly Hills Cop II.

3. Whose 2004 single contains a real phone number in the lyrics?

Alicia Keys - "Diary"

4. What popular vocalist's teenage home appears on the cover of two of his albums?

Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP, and The Marshall Mathers LP 2

5. What singer mentions the artist who designed her album cover in a song from that 2013 album?

Lady Gaga - She mentions the artist Jeff Koons in "Applause."

6. What was the last one-word band named after a member (like "Santana") to have a #1 album in the U.S.?

Daughtry - their 2006 debut album went to #1.

7. What song from 1986 returned to the U.S. Hot 100 chart in 2013?

"Livin' On A Prayer" by Bon Jovi - after it was featured in a viral video where a Celtics fan danced to it.

8. Who recorded a live album in 1970 that was broadcast live on an FM radio station?

Elton John - his album 11-17-70 was recorded live and broadcast on WABC-FM.

9. Who said that we're "all sensitive people" in a 1973 song?

Marvin Gaye - "Let's Get It On"

10. In September 2008, the most viewed video of all time on YouTube was by:

Avril Lavigne - "Girlfriend"

Congratulations to Jodi and thanks to all entrants of this month's Mighty Songfacts Trivia Quiz. :thumbsup:

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I can't help but get drawn in the nostalgia feelings towards the quiz. I don't think many people realize that this will be the last and final quiz in this current format.

I want to congratulate all the people who gave their time making it possible and keeping it running for 12 full years!

Congratulations and respect to Brad and Carl for being the main wheels in the quiz machine. You've been part of something unique and that's something that you both should be immensely proud of!

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