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Falling Diamonds

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(sneak peek for my supporters) ;) :bow:

Diamonds fall from hazy spinel skies,

Sitting alone in a cold, dark room,

Feeling abandoned the woman cries.

All strength, courage, hope, love have been lost,

A wounded angel weeping in pain,

She faced her demons, but at what cost?

So many more trials to come her way,

Empty soul, unable to go on,

Wishing freezing dark lets in warm day.

Diamonds drop from hazy spinel skies,

Angel weeps feeling badly beaten,

Courage, strength, hope, love come in disguise.

Lost in deep dismay she does not see,

All she seeks is deep within herself,

A friend to help to set her soul free.

Diamonds fall from hazy spinel skies,

I approach angel to comfort her,

Wiping away the tears from her eyes.

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