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Someone on another messegeboard did this, and it was actually pretty fun. How many songs can you think of where you can hear extra things in the songs or places where the singer messes up? For example, at the end of "Barbara Anne" The Beach Boys slip up... at the beginning of "Pure And Easy" (I think... I don't have the CD with me :doh:) You can hear Keith or Pete saying "Put away your girlie magazines!" ... and in "So Long, Frank Lloyd Wright" you can hear Paul saying "So long already Artie!" way in the background. Others?

*Note-- if this has been posted already, sorry about that! I've not been here too long :googly: :rockon:

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It's funny that the original poster to this thread came up with The Beach Boys as an example for those things that you hear during the songs which aren't part of the music.

On the "Tracks" part of website cabinessence, there is a (not quite exhaustive) list of the noises which you can hear on Beach Boys album tracks).

There is actually quite a lot of talking left on The Beach Boys' Capitol releases, and especially noticeable lots of talking on "Love You", their 1976 release, including a spontaneous profanity at the back end of "Honkin' Down The Highway" and a whole bunch of talking throughout their Christmas hit "Merry Christmas Baby".

And while listening to their karaoke album Stack-O-Tracks, you can clearly hear backing and lead vocals being sung throughout "Catch A Wave", "Little Saint Nick" (which interestingly appears to be the single version on the album rather than the album release, complete with sleigh bells and fades out the last seven seconds with vocals rather than instrumental).

And finally a note about Barbara Ann. Fast forward the Beach Boys Party album version to 1:33, you hear the words:

"A little lower"



And here is the reason that the laughing interlude is present on this part of the album.

Trying to think of more as I continue, too, but that should do for now.


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Get your cans (headphones), put on 'Dark Side of the Moon', go to very last track (Eclipse) and fast forward near the end (heartbeeps and shortly after the spoken words, "There is no dark side..."). NOW, CRANK IT UP and you'll hear an audio seepage of an instrumental that is NOT by Pink Floyd!!

A long time ago, I happened to hear it but couldn't place what the tune was. I knew it was an orchestra and really sounded familiar. Just to get to the point, it's the Beatles' rendition of "Ticket to Ride" by ????

IMO, it was a mistake and probably picked up from another studio (obviously, the walls aren't so soundproof). It could of been picked up in the control booth, (accidently) sent out by audio talkback in studio and picked up by mics.

Someone had this theory that PF did it intentionally as a homage to (Beatles) - hence, Abbey Road (same studio), etc. IMO, I don't agree 'cause why that tune??

You can also hear seepage in Van Halen's "Eruption," especially at the end.


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