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It's Lucky's Birthday!


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Thank you for the birthday wishes you! You all know me so well - Kevin gives me a great song, love Stephen King, love chocolate Rolling Stones cake and Lucky cake, and I am waaay into peach margartia's at the moment - what lovely gifts! ;)

Spent the weekend in Bakersfield, and for dinner yesterday I had wanted barbecue. The place we had decided ended up being closed on Sunday (wtf?), so we had to do something else. OMG - we found this little soul food place where I was able to get fried catfish, fried okra, homegrown sliced tomatoes, and sweet tea - HA! And it was cooked correctly. What a gift for a country girl .... I guarantee, I would not have gotten that in San Diego, land of foodies and/or healthy eating, lol. It was lovely. :thumbsup:

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