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Allusions to Song Lyrics/ Bands

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A few that come to mind:

the band Oddyssey

Paul MacCartney album 'Venus & Mars'

There was a very recent album by Andy Partrdige (lead singer/songwriter of british new wave band XTC) which was a full exploration of the sory of Orpheus.

Black Metal band Emperor relased an album called Prometheus a couple of years back.

There is the band Mercury Rev (and the mercury record label)

Another band is Minotaur Shock

The Genesis album Foxtrot has a track on it called Supper's Ready which contains a passage which interprets the legend of Narcissus.

There is a King Crimson album In The Wake Of Posseidon

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Rush has had many allusions and references to Greek Mythology as well as classic literature & quotes.

On a more literary and allegorical note, The title song of the LP Hemispheres utilizes characters from Greek mythology to symbolize the battle between emotion and reason within the collective Human consciousness. Peart uses Dionysis and Apollo to symbolize the reasoning and emotional functioning of the brain's hemispheres. Not only can Hemispheres be used to develop an interest in literature, but in psychology as well. Hemispheres mentions the pantheon of Greek mythology and also reuses myths in ways similar to Friedrich Nietzsche in Birth of Tragedy. Panacea (song, COS) is the name of a mythological cure all. "If we burn our wings flying too close to the sun" (Bravado- RTB) refers to the Icarus myth from Greek mythology. "Rise from the ashes and blaze" (Everyday Glory, Counterparts) refers to the mythological death and rebirth of the Phoenix. Sections titles of By-tor and the Snow Dog (song, FBN) include references to the underworld of Greek mythology.

Taken from the Web (also here)

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"Ghost" by the Indigo Girls, the third verse is:

Now I see a face before me

that would launch a thousand ships

To bring your heart back to my island

As the sand beneath me slips

'Cause I burn up in your presence

And I know now how it feels

To be weakened like Achilles

With you always at my heels

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but I'll email some of my friends from my old latin class and see if they can come up with any.

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I thought some more and scraped the bottom of the barrel and came up with:

Mr Apollo - Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band

Venus (in Blue Jeans) - Bobby Darin (maybe)

and many years ago we had the bands Cupid's Inspiration and Aphrodite's Child but these days we've got Dido.

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