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SF Fantasy Football 2013


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It's time for some football!

League is all set up. Joining is a bit different this year, Yahoo changed things up.

Click this link to join

That's all you need to do. It'll automatically name your team based on your profile, you can change that from the "My Team" page.

As for the scoring, click on "League", then click on "Scoring & Settings" to see how we're scoring. We are, as usual, a PPR league. There are a few other things, but nothing different from last year. I'm more than happy to discuss any scoring changes and if the league wishes to change something, we can do that.

Sign up now! Let's do it!

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I like Doug Martin too. So far I haven't excluded any players, but that could change if any big names go down with an injury, nagging or otherwise.

Does anyone know the medical status of Percy Harvin? I didn't see his name on the pre draft list.

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Well, this is just a thought, but since everyone seems to not like their teams, perhaps we could consider a live online draft next time?

If you're not present for the live online draft, you'll just be autodrafted anyways, same as it just was, but those of us there will be able to make our own picks.

Just a suggestion.

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