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The Concert Event Of The Year


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The Place: The Coliseum, Caesar's Casino, Windsor Ontario.

The Happy Together 2013 Tour


Gary Lewis and the Playboys (Without the Playboys)

Mark Lindsay (From Paul Revere and the Raiders)

Gary Puckett and The Union Gap (Without the Union Gap

Three Dog Night (Actually just Chuck Negron)

And the Headliners, The Turtles! (Actually, just Flo and Eddie)

8:50 PM, there is an announcement that there is a zero tolerance rule concerning the recording of the show. I don't think they needed to worry from the predominately blue-rinse crowd.

At 9:00PM the house lights went down and a huge roar erupted from a crowd at a different show at a different venue, probably. This crowd gave a barely audible smattering of applause and I heard someone ask if the buffet would be open after the show was done.

Gary Lewis came out, and played his hit(s) and made jokes that the tour should have been called the "We're trying to buy PlayStations for our Grandchildren Tour." The backup band was the same for all acts, the drummer looking like he'd have been more comfortable with Metallica in front of him. He looked bored.

Gary Lewis was followed by Mark Lindsay looking all of his 71 years. As he was singing the Raider's "Kicks", he'd do a straight leg kick and I was terrified he's wind up on his a** breaking a hip.

Mark Lindsay gave way to Gary Puckett. Gary opened the show by reminding us that in 1967/8 he sold more singles than the Beatles. I thought yeah, but Paul McCartney is a billionaire and you're playing Casino Windsor. It was a bit creepy listening to a 71 year old sing "Young girl, get out of my mind. My love for you is way out of line, better run, Girl, you're much too young girl." I was thinking "Gar, you should prolly drop that one from the repertoire. You sound like that Castro guy.."

Chuck Negron came out after Puckett, and to me, was the star of the show. Big shades on and a bigger Cheshire cat grin. He informed the audience that unlike the performers before him who knew all of the facts and figures of their hits, he didn't because he was ****ing wasted most of the time back then. Audible gasps from the blue-rinsers, a loud belly laugh from me. And a disdainful look from the over-perfumed cat-glass wearing ginormous hairdo lady in front of me. Meh, what can you do? Chuck did his best to rouse a dead audience with a medley (God, I was a t a show where a medley was performed. What's next, hanging out at the Zellers raving about the Salsbury steak and the great deal I got on the $4.99 running shoes? I digress...)

The headliners of the evening Flo & Eddie (formerly of the Turtles) was like watching a couple of aging drunk uncles performing for each other.

The cap of the evening was seeing Gary Lewis leaving a Mac's Milk not far from the venue wafter purchasing a deck of smokes, getting in his tan PT Cruiser and leaving. Damn. A PT Cruiser....

And the buffet was closed...

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