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The Songfactors' Choice Top 10 #338

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Good nomination Tim. :thumbsup: But as I said to my Son-In-Law who's huge Old Bob fan, he wouldn't get past the first round of any of these TV talent shows. One of the greatest songwriters ever though. And I notice both RonJon and Cyberjudge nominated 2 songs each into the Ten this week. :)


I thought I had a good chance with R.O.C.K., but I was pleasantly surprised by the response to Greatest American Hero (and not at all surprised by the snub of our next national anthem ;) ) Maybe I should have gone with Whitney's version of our current one.

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As I mentioned to you in our PT Jeff, the flip of R.O.C.K., JM's cover of 'Under The Boardwalk' got as much airplay here in Australia as the A side. I like it better.

Old Bob sure has a following here in our TT. I like songs of his that other artists cover best. ;)

I enjoyed your little news clip and think your current National Anthem is quite safe.

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1. Desolation Row - Bob Dylan (1965) 51 points

2. R.O.C.K In The U.S.A. (A Salute To 60's Rock) - John Mellencamp (1985) 49 points

3. Dance, Dance, Dance - The Beach Boys (1964) 47 points

4. I Love A Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt (1980) 46 points

5. Theme From “Greatest American Hero” (Believe It or Not) - Joey Scarbury (1981) 34 points

6. Mama I'm Coming Home - Ozzy Osbourne (1991) 32 points, 7 votes

7. Lady Stardust - David Bowie (1972) 32 points, 6 votes

8. Save It For Me - The Four Seasons (1964) 30 points

9. Hey You - Bachman Turner Overdrive (1975) 29 points

10. Peppermint Twist - Part 1 - Joey Dee & the Starliters (1962) 28 points, 7 votes

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