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Slayer guitarist Jeff Hanneman dead at 49

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"Hanneman withdrew from active touring in early 2011 after he contracted necrotizing fasciitis, a debilitating skin disorder. By 2012, bandmate Tom Araya had announced his recovery from the disease, however later in February, 2013, Kerry King revealed continuing health problems that kept him from working with Slayer. Hanneman died on May 2, 2013 near his home in Southern California's Inland Empire. He was in a local hospital and suffered liver failure. It is not known if the skin ailment was connected to his liver failure."

His innovative and influential style of guitar playing for forever live on in the Metal world. R.I.P. to a true talent. :rockon:

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It is being reported here that his necrosis was originally attributed to a spider bite incurred during a concert tour in Brazil.

I heard about the spider bite on Facebook. No clue how long ago it allegedly happened, but word is he almost lost his arm because of it. :puppyeyes:

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