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George Jones Passes Away at 81

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Quite a life. This is how you build a legend (from the George Jones Artistfacts entry):

The most notorious George Jones incident happened when he was married to his second wife Shirley. It seems Shirley took away the keys to his truck because George had been drinking for several days in a row. The nearest liquor store was about eight miles away, and George made the trip in about 90 minutes on the mower.

According to Tammy Wynette, he tried it again with her, taking a lawnmower ride to a local bar. She woke up about 1 a.m. to find her husband gone, and when she drove to the bar, there was the mover parked in front. This time, he even drove the mower on the highway.

George used the "lawn mower incident" jokingly in his 1996 release of the single "Honky-Tonk Song" as well as the music video where he showed an arrest for driving intoxicated, on a lawn mower. It looks like the arrest is poetic license, as in both incidents, Jones appeared to succeed in his creative quest for alcohol.

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