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Theme Music from the film "Babe"

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I am getting married soon and am trying to find a piece of music that we both like. Some years ago the was a song "If I had words" The music is taken from a classical piece (details below and was used in the film "Babe"(the children?s film about a pig that rounded up sheep).From the credits the main theme music is Symphony 3 Op. 75 or 78 by Camille Saint-sa------ something and it is used in the film in the song "If I had words". The title of the song is also mentioned in the film credits, with a reference to a Jonathan Hodge and the lyrics used were adapted from a song perfumed by someone Tr....Kelly and Scott Fitzgerald.This is the track that we are after.Could anyone help in identifying the correct title please?Any detective work would be appreciated. :help: plambertgorwyn@aol.com

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I was slightly confused by your post initially, Peter. I couldn't understand why you didn't just buy the 'Babe' soundtrack.

But you are, I think, enquiring about the original version. It was indeed 'If I Had Words' written and performed by Scott Fitzgerald and Yvonne Keeley with the St Thomas More School Choir. In the UK, it was top ten hit in 1978.

Enjoy the big day!

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