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Alvin Lee, going home at 68...

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I'm sorry to hear about your Dad babyteen. I'm a classic rocker turning 55 this year so your loss means something to me. My thoughts and prayers.

I'm also so sorry to hear about Alvin Lee. Not only was he immortalized on film with his over the top version of I'm Goin' Home, but he also put on one of the best live shows I ever had the pleasure to see (Capital Theater, Passaic, NJ).

Thankfully as our rock heroes pass on their music can't be stilled.

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Alvin Lee was one of my favourite guitarists. He played with incredible passion and although he was an undeniably fast player, he rarely played a boring or repetitive solo like so many other speed merchants (Malmsteen and Vai spring to mind). IMO, he stole the show at Woodstock.

RIP Alvin!!! You will be sorely missed.

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Babyteen, I'm sorry for your loss... :(

I bet your dad was a happy man. And he teached you very well... :)

A big hug...

He was a happy man. My dad was such a sweet man just full of life, and he always made everybody smile. My dad was also a great musician, playing guitar and singing. He showed me what it's like to sing from the heart. And, on a side note, I'm about to release my first virtual instrument soon! The sad thing, however, is that it took this tragedy for me to do it. But one thing's for sure, my dad was, and still is, giving me a lot of encouragement every step of the way.

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