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During the times so dark and alone

The music will ease your mind

Like a distant light from a candle

The truest of your friends you'll find

A friend will be there for you

And never be too far away

To have a hug and a smile

To brighten up somebody's day

Like the wavering candlelight

We are often faced with trials

But just as the candle remains lit

All we need is a friend to hold for awhile

No matter what you do in life

Be sure to let your heart be true

You'll find love comes from everywhere

And friends will light a candle for you

Just as your soul touches our lives

A gentle song will fill the air

And it's in that moment you'll find

The many friends who truly care

Always with us, Lea! :angel:

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Thanks ladies :blush:

Thanks S2V... I had started it during the hard time she was having last year & I decided to finish it. The music for it is in my head, but I'm no musician so this is the only exposure it'll get.

BTW: your poem for Lea is great, I've always liked it. :)

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