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Chubby Checker sues HP

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In related law suits, Mr Checker is suing all checkerboard manufacturers for infringing on the "checker" name even though it is well documented that checkers was played in ancient Egypt and has been one of the oldest and most-played board games in history. His lawyers say the evidence is circumstantial.

Mr. Checker is also suing all bottling and beverage companies that use "twist top" caps on their bottles. Chubby says that until he had a hit with "The Twist" there were only caps that needed a bottle opener to get to the beverage. Soon after he saw the advent of "twist top" caps and noticed that the twisting motion resembled the motion used in the dance known as the twist. His lawyers feel that it is no small coincidence and that a twisting motion didn't exist prior to Mr. Checker inventing it.

Stay tuned....

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He had a minor hit the following year with Let's Twist Again.

It was more than a minor hit.

Although it didn't reach #1, like The Twist did, it peaked at #8 in the U.S and remained in the Top 40 for 15 weeks.

In the UK, it was at first a minor hit, where it only peaked at #37 in Aug. 1961, but became a major hit there, also, when it was remixed and released again in Dec. 1961, this time peaking at #2 in the UK.


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There you go!

The Twist

Let's Twist Again

Limbo Rock

With a diverse and stellar portfolio pedigree such as that, it's no wonder he sues over an unauthorized penis app (what the heck?) with his name on it, after it is downloaded a whopping 84 times, worldwide. I'd be outraged to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds too.

Surprised he isn't trying to sue someone in the medicinal marijuana community for so many calling a joint, "A Chubby."

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The truth is, the man has an iron-clad case. It's using both his first AND last names. 500 million might be pushing it...oh, I'd say about 499 million too far...but yeah, the guy's got a case.

Eh, they'll probably just settle out of court for 50 bucks and a box of Twinkies, and change the name to the "Miami Sammy".

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester: :rockon: :rockon:

The last I looked a box of Twinkies on the black market was going for $499,999,950...so that plus the $50 gives him the cool half billion he wants.

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