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2013 In Music


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So it's 2013 now. We're all alive and music is being made.

What are you all excited for in music this year?

One of my favorite bands, the Local Natives, released a new album today, I'm pumped to listen to it. I Am Kloot also released a new album today, so that's cool (Farin).

Other bands/artists tentatively due to release albums in 2013:

  • Eels
    David Bowie
    Smashing Pumpkins
    Vampire Weekend
    Black Sabbath
    Alice In Chains
    The Black Keys
    Deep Purple
    Dream Theater
    Pearl Jam
    Queens Of The Stone Age
    Rod Stewart
    The Strokes
    The Airborne Toxic Event
    The Vines

We'll see how many of those actually get released this year, but it looks like it should be good.

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Most intriguing to me is the Black Keys. They seem to be in that creative cloud Jack White hit about 10 years ago where they could unlock a hidden level.

U2 is like The Yankees - they have all the resources but are well past their prime. Can't count them out though.

I read an interview with Rod Stewart where he talked about how his voice sounds better since he blew it out.

If The Airborne Toxic Event have something to write about, I'll definitely listen.

The Strokes and The Vines could be interesting.

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Foxygen released their second album and it is fantastic. Imagine if Lou Reed made an album with Brian Wilson. Ok, maybe it's not as good as that would be, but still, it's pretty great.

Agreed. New Foxygen album is fantastic. Best way I can describe it is like Beach House turned up louder. Kinda dream-pop-like but with more rock

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Amok by Atoms for Peace is definitely a very good album, but at the same time I wish there were less synths and more Flea. I don't get why Thom Yorke would get a whole new band together just to make The King of Limbs Part 2.

Because he's Thom Yorke and when Thom Yorke makes an album it doesn't matter who he's doing it with, it's going to sound like a Thom Yorke album.

Haven't listened to the whole album yet but what I've heard sounds like "The Eraser" part 2.

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