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Got Footage of Bruce Springsteen You're Not Using?

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I'm a huge Springsteen fan, but have no desire to read another word about him unless he gets caught doping or has an affair with a fake girlfriend.

This, however, looks interesting. Here's the note we received:

I stumbled across your website while researching a film produced by one of Ridley Scott’s companies, Black Dog and Ridley Scott’s Associates on Bruce Springsteen. The film is produced in the style of Life in a Day, by Kevin McDonald and it will include videos produced and made by fans of Bruce Springsteen.

The deadline for our submissions has just been extended to the end of February 2013. We are interested in videos from everywhere in the world and in any languages, including Spanish, Italian, French, Portuguese, etc. We are particularly interested in videos from Argentina and Mexico at the moment. The idea is to tell the story of Bruce’s huge fun base through their own eyes. I wonder if you could help us promoting awareness about the film among the fans of Bruce or if you know any fan of Bruce who might have a story to tell about how Springsteen’s music has changed their lives, inspired them or made a difference to them.

I also wonder if you would like to take part by contributing a video or if you have any means to publicize this initiative among the fans. The videos don’t have to be professionally done, in fact we would like raw, spontaneous and improvised videos, in which the fans talk about their emotions and feelings or experiences. Here are more details: www.springsteenandi.com Any suggestions of people or stories would be much appreciated.

Perhaps to justify "Bruce is overexposed" credo, I see this as a story about his fans, kind of like how Heavy Metal Parking Lot isn't really about Judas Priest.

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