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Peter Frampton Planning Summer Tour With Superstar Guitarists

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Peter Frampton plans to take a collection of guitarists on tour for the summer under the title of “Peter Frampton’s Guitar Circus.” Frampton said BB King is the first guest signed for the tour and he will participate for three weeks in August. Frampton wants the tour to go throughout the summer and bring in special guests for various periods of time. The full repertoire is currently undecided, though it is expected to include new material, instrumentals from his Grammy-winning 2006 release “Fingerprints” and “the old favorites” according to Frampton. Frampton also said he found the 1954 Gibson Les Paul guitar he played on in “Frampton Comes Alive,” which he thought was destroyed 30 years ago in a plane crash. Frampton says the guitar is not only working now, “but I was recording with it this afternoon between dress rehearsals and the show. It’s a surreal thing to have it back. It was the only electric guitar I had for 10 years – I couldn’t afford to have multiples. It was all I played; it’s a very important guitar to me.

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I am glad to know that Frampton has not yet hung his guitar up yet. We all know that day must come in one way or another though. I seen Frampton comes alive tour in 1977 in Philadelphia at JFK Stadium. For all that don't know about JFK its an outside Stadium and was very large, Framtom toured with J Giles Band and Lynyrd Skynyrd during this particular tour and for the younger crowd this was a tracgic time since shortly after the performance in Phillie their was the plane crash that took the lives of members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I am much older now and have had the opertunity of being on stage with a couple survivors of Lynyrd Skynyrd. I can't even tell you how much the members of Skynyrds band miss the lost members more more importantly the love that they had and still carry to this day for each other. If I was not a poor man I would go see Peter Frampton again and again and again because he is that much fun to see live. I say thanks PetervFrampton for the aussome memories.

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