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Historically Correct Songs


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U2- Sunday, Bloody Sunday (about a massacre in the 1920s)

U2- Peace on Earth (the violence in Northern Ireland)

Billy Joel- We Didn't Start the Fire (lits of historical events)

Billy Joel- Goodnight Siagon (Vietnman War)

Rush- Manhattan Project (the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan in 1945)

Rush- Peaceable Kingdom (September 11)

Rush- Red Sector A (The Holocaust)

Rush- Countdown (about a space launch they witnessed)

Iron Maiden- Run to the Hills (Europeans arriving in The New World)

Bob Dylan- Hurricane (the boxer who was arrested for a murder he didn't commit)

CSNY- Ohio (Kent State)

The Eagles- The Last Resort (about how the westward expansion eliminated the Native American lands)

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'Enola Gay' - OMD

Is 'Sunday Bloody Sunday' historically correct, as I don't recall the song mentioning the fact that the squaddies were being fired upon before they shot into the crowd? It doesn't excuse the killing of innocent people, but perhaps if the song mentioned this it would have been more accurate.


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The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down - The Band

American Pie - Don McLean

Ball Of Confusion - The Temptations (Their retrospect of the occurrences of the late sixties)

I Don't Like Mondays - The Boontown Rats (A girl killed two of her classmates and when asked she replied,"I Don't Like Mondays")

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