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The Songfactors' Choice: Best Band Logos


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  • AC/DC
    The Allman Brothers Band
    The Beatles
    Daft Punk
    The Doors
    Einstürtzende Neubauten
    Fleetwood Mac
    Grateful Dead
    Guns 'N' Roses
    The Monkees
    New York Dolls
    Public Enemy
    The Ramones
    Red Hot Chili Peppers
    Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers
    The Rolling Stones
    Run DMC
    Van Halen
    The Velvet Underground
    The Who
    The xx


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I'll keep voting open for most of the month of December. Being that most (including myself) are quite busy this whole month, I'll probably just keep it open until the beginning of January.

If anything changes, or if it seems like everyone has voted in a shorter amount of time, I'll let everyone know.

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1- Bauhaus

2- The Rolling Stones (of course)

3- The Who

4- The Beatles

5- Yes

6- The Monkees

7- Grateful Dead

8- New York Dolls

9- Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers

10-The Doors

I was looking at the Bauhaus logo and some of my friends said it was one of the best logos there is. So I edited my post and put it in the first place...

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This one is actually sort of tougher than the music. Because I had to look at some of these and study them, and think, Why do I like this one better than that one? Some of them just look like car logos to me, some look like nothing more than computer graphics that I could do on Word. But a few stood out as being just gorgeous, very original, and/or evoked great memories for me.

1. Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers (naturally. I love the concept of it, and I love the design itself.)

2. Guns & Roses (gorgeous artwork, very detailed.)

3. Allman Brothers (reminds me of the little pictures I used to go around drawing all over my PeeChee school folders.)

4. Monkees (brings out very good memories, every time I see this logo I smile.)

5. Phish (love the visual of this, beautiful.)

6. Rolling Stones (so very recognizable - no one doesn't know this logo, and that's good brand recognition advertisement stuff, even if they didn't see it in the very beginning - which I'm sure they did.)

7. Yes (again, looks like the flower power of the '70s stuff I used to draw, the colors, the big psychedelic lettering.)

8. Queen (again, a lot of detail, very regal and just gorgeous.)

9. Fleetwood Mac (Penguin in a top hat, 'nuf said.)

10. Bauhaus (reminds me of an optical illusion and I had to look at it several times trying to figure it out.)

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1. Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers (very cool logo)

2. Guns N' Roses

3. Rolling Stones

4. Fleetwood Mac

5. Yes

6. AC/DC

7. Phish (not a phan, but neat logo)

8. Aerosmith

9. The Doors

10. The Who

HM to just about everyone. Very cool logos posted :thumbsup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

1. Rolling Stones

2. The Monkees

3. The Allman Brothers Band

4. Queen

5. Van Halen

6. Aerosmith

6. Yes

7. Grateful Dead

8. The Who

9. Metallica

10. The Doors

Hey Bluesboy, you've got two 6's. I'm doing the final tally now so I'm gonna just shift all of them down one and take out the vote for The Doors, let me know if you want something different done and I'll adjust it afterwards.

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