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The Songfactors' Choice: Best Band Logos


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*ALL MEMBERS OF SONGFACTS ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO PARTICIPATE * Please join us, and share your knowledge and your love of the things that keep SONGFACTS the community we all know and love. The basic guidelines are simple....

* The Songfactors' Music of Choice is decided by your nominations and votes. For each edition we'll ask that you nominate 1 OR 2 selections that meet the guidelines for that edition.

* Each edition will about 3 weeks (or probably longer) . At the end of that time, we'll ask you to vote. You know how that works..... your lists will number 5 to 10, depending on subject, so we could change it up. We'll ask that you compile your list of choices from the final group of nominations. At the close of voting, we will have our Songfactors' Music of Choice.

* Be as creative with this as you'd like. We want to encourage an exchange of thoughts, so this will be a place to learn about and enjoy the nominations, as well as the final choices. The guidelines may change with each edition.

..... Welcome To .....


Here's the general idea for this one:

Just like corporations and NASCAR drivers, most bands have their own logos - some better than others. What makes band logos fun is that they're rarely professionally designed, so you can end up with a former band member (Aerosmith), someone's brother (Black Flag), or a lead singer who went to art school (Queen) providing the visuals.

What we want is to decide which band logos you think are the best, whether it be for how artistic and creative they are or how iconic they are, or a combination of both.

Everybody nominate your two favorite band logos and after nominations have closed, we will vote on the ten best in the same format as we would with the normal weekly top ten.

I'll keep nominations open for awhile, there's no need to rush for this, especially considering that Thanksgiving here in the states is coming up. I'll keep them open for a couple weeks and if it seems like we've got everybody who's going to nominate, then we'll open up the voting.

So have some fun. Let's get this thing started


:headphones: :headphones: :headphones: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:

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I'll give the first two nominations and I'll nominate what I think are probably the two most obvious ones:

The Rolling Stones:


There are few logos more easily recognizable than the tongue of The Rolling Stones.

The Ramones:


Another one of the most recognizable logos of all time, just about every 16-year-old who wants to seem anti-authoritarian has this logo on a t-shirt (and has probably never listened to anything but "Blitzkrieg Bop").

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what I'm wondering is, will people be nominating on logos alone? Or does the strength/popularity/longevity of the band figure in, too?

I'm wondering if we should just post the picture of logo without the band name (unless the band's name is part of the logo) so then they are judged on the artistry alone.


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what I'm wondering is, will people be nominating on logos alone? Or does the strength/popularity/longevity of the band figure in, too?

Logos alone Shawna. We're not judging the quality of the band in this one, just their logo. So even if you can't stand The Misfits, if you think they have the coolest logo, they'd be your pick.

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"Designed by renowned tattoo artist by Lyle Tuttle in 1970 - and still in use as their overriding motif - this logo was given to all members of the Allman Brothers Band and their roadies. Tuttle, speaking to the Columbus Dispatch: "This guy came in - pressed Levis, turquoise jewelry all over him. I knew he wasn’t some street hippie. It was Gregg (Allman), and I put a coyote on his forearm. Then, Duane (Allman) made everyone in the band and the crew get mushroom tattoos on the sides of their legs. I did that up in their room in the Holiday Inn. It was a party. Everyone was smoking so much it was getting to me, so Duane - he was a nutcase - he screamed at everyone to smoke on the balcony so I could work. He insisted I put one on myself, too..."


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The bars at the top and bottom make Run-DMC's logo a perfect, pleasing square. The bold, blocky font gives it the heft worthy of a group that declares themselves the "King of Rock." Instantly recognizable and unchanged. Coveys power and stability.

This one has been the subject of a legal battle, but it's great stuff. The other Andy Warhol logo, it is the perfect enigmatic visualization to represent the Velvet Underground.

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Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers

(Very simple, it's a tornado inside a hurricane)

some more info on the glyph:

The RCPM glyph is inspired by symbols found in Native American and Southwest imagery. The “arms” are meant to represent the cyclic continuity of nature and the spiral within symbolizes the emergence and journey of life.Note: The glyph symbol is a registered trademark and cannot be used without the written approval of Roger Clyne & the Peacemakers. Please email us if you have any questions.

(Which is really just a way for me to plug it again. :grin:

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