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Heeey... WATCH it!

Ombre Vivante

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you guys need to start a separate thread just for watch enthusiasts. ;)

ARE there any wrist-watch "enthusiasts"? Hell, I wouldn't refer to myself as one since, as I said before, I don't know squat about 'em.

Here's the Mondaine I wore today:


I love this little watch, except I scratched the clasp when I tried to adjust it. Oh, well. I might buy another one later on and I'll be a little more careful with it. One really cool thing about this watch is that it's a no-name brand, yet it's Swiss Made. There's no chance it will be counterfeited/replicated the way a lux or even a fashion watch will :beatnik:

Ever since TheLizard stated people didn't wear watches anymore, I've started to pay more attention to see who doesn't wear them... and it's pretty hard to pick out people who don't. Casio and Timex still reign supreme :cool:

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Beautiful. My new favorite thread.

Some of my dream watches:

The Omega Constellation:


Citizen Calibre 8700 (features a perpetual calender)


Bulova Precisionist 96B158:


Bulova Automatic 96A119:


Bulova 96A133:


Omega Seamaster (the James Bond watch):


Tissot Classic Dream:


Tissot Tradition:


IWC Schaffhausen Portofino:


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FREAKS. I say that with sincere affection.



HEY. Hey.

You know how women love love love jewelry? Buying new jewelry to wear, how pretty it is to look at the jewelry, how awesome you feel wearing it? Well we men don't have a lot of choices when it comes to jewelry. Watches is one choice we do have and, some of us, love them.

They all tell time. But they're all each beautiful pieces of artwork. Art that you wear on your arm and can look at all the time. That's what I love about watches.

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HEY. Hey.

You know how women love love love jewelry? Buying new jewelry to wear, how pretty it is to look at the jewelry, how awesome you feel wearing it?

I'm an anomaly. I've never been into jewelry. I very rarely anything besides my engagement ring, an anklet, and the occasional necklace or bracelet. I've always said I'd rather have a chunk of real estate than an expensive piece of jewelry, and I stick by that sentiment even today.

so I repeat: FREAKS.

But I still mean it with sincere affection. :)

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I wore this one for the last time. It is the cheapest chronograph retrograde I've seen, but it was cheap for a reason - the minutes hand was off by 30 seconds! I'm in the process of returning it either for a working replacement or a full refund.


I wonder if I can return real estate I am unhappy with for a full refund :beatnik:

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It was cheap. You can probably get it new now for what I paid for used before and I like the look! It's not a "dress watch" per se and still retains a somewhat cool and serious look - without having to break the bank. The back is the usual skeletonised mechanical feature... and the face exposes some of it as well. Hey, Bulova's way cheaper than Bvlgari! Besides, I think it's made by Citizen, so it's still a decent real watch and not the usual designer garbage.

The wrist band clasp is one of those push-button release clasps. It is more annoying than it is cool and it pinches a bit. The buckle has the little Bulova symbol, so it has one saving grace. As I said, I have small wrists, so no watch, except for the Mondaine and the Casio F91W, fits :beatnik:

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I think it was around 175 - used - back then. You can get it new for around 200 now. Totally werth it :beatnik:


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The Titanic DNA watch. Constructed from steel recovered from the sunken liner, and on average, the watch goes for anywhere from 175k to 225k.


A bit ghoulish I think. The face is colored from coal recovered from the wreck as well.

Definitely a small market for this piece.

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Definitely. That's about what we sold if for where I work. It went on clearance and was brought down to like $175-ish. It didn't stay in its case for long.

I paid that without the cool little box, too! Alls I got was the little pillow and the manual (which was all banged up). The watch looked new, though. I wonder if it was some display watch or something...

Here's another mechanical Bulova. It was a weird-lookin' watch, so, of course, I was gonna be interested in it:


The hour dial markings and the hands glow in the dark :cool:

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