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A song by... Marilyn Monroe?

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Hello, good evening... :)

My friend is trying to find out about a song. It's supposed to be sung by Marilyn Monroe (it's on a documentary about her relationship with her shrink)

She only sings three lines:

"there is a different kind of love, I found another way to love, there was so little to explore..."

Of course, I googled by no way.

Maybe it rings a bell to some of you, fishies?

Thank you :cool:

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It's a French documentary from a book by her psychiatrist,

Auteur : Patrick Jeudy et Michel Schneider

Producteur : Les Films d'Ici - Martine Saada – France 2

Diffuseurs : France 2 / Arte


It's rom 2012. But she only sings those three lines and we can't find the song...

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  • 9 months later...

Sure!! I worked in the production scene for many years. I am good... ;)

So I wrote an email to Dick Walter asking who te singer is.

And the next morning I had his answer in my mailbox.

Such a nice man!!!!:):)

The singer is Diane Nalini.

I don't think it was marilyn Monroe who sung... in 1962 Mr. Walters was probably in High School.

Thank you so much everybody!!!!! :):) :bow: :bow:

That's the Spirit of Songfacts.

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