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Flies On You


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FLIES ON YOU is a band I formed with a fella I know, about a year ago. We are based in Leeds, in the north of England. For simplicity's sake, we describe ourselves as a DIY post-punk duo. I won't bore you with a list of musical interests and influences just now.

I am vocalist / lyricist / visionary, and also play guitar on some tracks.

We have an album, "Nothing To Write Home About", coming out in September 2012.

In the meantime,interested parties can sample some of our wares on our MySpace or Soundcloud pages:

http://www.myspace.com/fliesonyou NO LONGER APPLICABLE (see subsequent post)

There are some vaguely interesting tales to tell about some of our songs, which may well be revealed in time.

There will be videos to accompany several of the album tracks, which I will bring to your attention, when the moment is right. :)

Later! :D

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Thanks for the positive feedback, folks! :)

You'll never guess what happened last week. On the very day we began publicising our Soundcloud page (last Friday), I received a late-night text from a local promoter, asking if we would like to support Scritti Politti, at their early August gig at the Brudenell Social Club in Leeds.

Now, I'm not a huge Scritti Politti fan myself, but they are a band of great pedigree: John Peel Show favourites with post-punk roots, then had some big international hit records in their pure pop incarnation, now releasing critically-acclaimed albums again, after a few "wilderness years". This is not a "low-key" event": it will be a sell-out, I suspect.

Shame we had to turn the gig down: we haven't made any plans for live peformance, would need to draft in extra musicians, familiarise them with songs, rehearse together, etc. and the gigs only 5 weeks away. Oh,and my band-mate will be away.

But still, quite an exciting thing to have to deal with, so soon after setting the publicity machine in motion. :cool:

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After reading your post I went there to put up some tags (are 'post-punk' and 'noise rock' appropriate in your opinion?), so that's how I noticed ;)

btw, could you direct your collaborator to this post?

Generally, at least until you have a decent amount of listeners, I would always recommend putting up your music as "free full-length preview"

Also the more users are tagging the music, the better it will be too!

So if any of you SFers have a Last.fm account - use it to scrobble and to tag!

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Every week something new and exciting happens; I can scarcely keep up! :)

On our FB page, you can watch the video we've made for the track "Slashing It Down": Flies On You FB page

Meantime we've been getting some airplay: Straight in at Number 3!!!: The Singing Man Radio Show

The presenter is something of a hero of mine from his great work over the years with The Cravats and The Very Things, so it's just awesome that he digs my band enough to play us on his (syndicated) show! :cool:

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Incidentally, that track that was played on The Singing Man radio show this morning, "The Last Pop Song", the lyrics to that one began life as a poem which I posted here on SF in the "Creative Writing" forum, on the very day that I wrote it. I tinkered with it slightly to enable it to fit into the song format.

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