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Have a look at our feature on the Muscle Shoals Sound when you get the chance.

This was about 8 months in the making, as it was 50+ years of history over a few different locations sprinkled with a touch of controversy. Many of the guys who made it happen are still there, including Rick Hall at FAME Studios and 3 members of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section.

What they accomplished in this little area blows away the idea that big city talent is inherently better. When Aretha Franklin was ascending to her throne, they flew these guys TO New York to record with her. Big things happen in little places.

Here's something I didn't know:

Muscle Shoals Sound Studio is in Sheffield

FAME, which stands for "Florence Alabama Music Enterprises," is in Muscle Shoals

Also, the "Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section" is really the 4 guys who started Muscle Shoals Sound Studios in 1969. They are a very big deal, but there was a lot of other talent down there as well.

There's also a pretty big distinction between the studios and the guys who played there. The "Muscle Shoals Sound" is really created by people. They had a great echo chamber at FAME, but without Spooner Oldham playing a heavenly keyboard on "When A Man Loves A Woman," it's not a classic.

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