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Lists of Things to do before Dec. 21, 2012


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Besides, what's not to like? :googly:


Um, that horrible/trashy tattoo? Her insufferable lisp? Her "acting" ability (or lack thereof)? But, hey, it's your final wish...


Iiiii'm gonna change nothing. F*** the world; it's not worth fretting over - nor making plans other than what I normally would do. So, let it destroy itself. I'm gonna keep going about my final days by listening to some good tunes, watching videos, playing video games, reading a little bit, having some pizza and beer, and laughing to forget :beatnik:

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1. Visit Edna in Spain so I can try some of her brownies

2. Go to Italy with Shawna and drink lots of wine and eat lots of Genoa Salami.

3. Smoke weed with Sammy :cool: and then

4. Cruise on over to Philly so Uncle Joe can buy me a real Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich...

5. Tell Kevin he's not banned from Songfacts anymore. :D He's needs to be dorked one last time.

6. Party with Lucky and Bluesy

7. Visit Lea.

8. Make Shawna's Pumpkin Bread recipe.

9. Visit Margaritaville

10 Tell my family and friends how much I love them...before having the brownies, wine, margaritas and weed...due to the possibility of passing out.. :P

11. Crank up the Badfinger tunes.

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Actually the Mayans were making their calendar and they were working on that date, December 21st, 2012, but at that very moment came Cortez and his gang and killed all the Mayans so they couldn't finish the Calendar.


Well, if they could predict the end of the world, then why couldn't they predict the coming of Cortez?

I tend to not believe that the Earth will end on Dec. 21. Just my guess.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

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The world had best not mess with my plans. :beady:


Nor mine!! :cool: My husband's band performs on December 21st, and I have two birthday parties on Saturday and Sunday. Then we have Christmas and I plan to spend it with my beloved family and meet my new born lovely nephew :)

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