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I need your help Songfactors. I know how much we love to vote on stuff around here .... well this is a chance for your votes to matter, and really do some good..

A couple of months ago my nephew Kevin was shot and wounded by a couple of lowlifes that wanted his truck and the paycheck he had just cashed. He was left with what they thought at the time would be temporary paralysis from the neck down. Now this many weeks later, he has regained some feeling, but they've determined he'll be permanently paralyzed from the waist down. He is 23 years old, and has 2 small children and a wife. They are going to have to learn to deal with a whole new set of circumstances in their lives.

Here is where you come in guys. Kevin's name has been submitted for the chance to win a handicapped enabled van, to make that adjustment a little bit easier. The more votes he gets, the better his chance of winning. Doesn't take much, just click on the link, and enter your email address & vote. In addition, by using a particular promo code that changes daily you can give him 5 extra votes each time you vote. I'll do my best to provide the promo codes. We have until May 13th, and Kevin currently has 1,896 votes. Please take a second whenever you log into SF each day to give him a vote. Your help would be appreciated more than you know. :thumbsup:

Vote Here

(one of)Today's promo codes:989

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I just voted for him, Lucky.

I got the vote in before midnight so I can vote again tomorrow, since it's once per day.

I wish him well and am glad that he has a loving family to help and support him.

That is a very nice picture of him and his family. :)

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Is there a way I can get the promo codes if you haven't logged on to give them out yet?

I shared this on my Facebook. I'll come back every day and vote. I'll have my kid and my better half vote every day, too. And everyone else I can grab.

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You guys rock, thank you - Kevin has 2327 votes as of now - that's 400 more since I first posted this. Thank you all so much.

(one of) Today's codes: 935

Keep those votes coming, and thank you so much!

EDIT: The promo codes are obtained from local dealers - I couldn't find them when I checked, but the family is posting the codes everyday on FB.

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Well, that sucks.

I just tried to vote and it said this:

Someone has already voted today from this IP address. Only one vote per IP is accepted within 24 hours. Please vote again tomorrow.

I voted about 11:35 PM last night, so today is yesterday's tomorrow.

I guess it keeps track of the time and 24 hours has to pass.

I'll try again at 11:45.

Also, at the top of the voting box, it says the promotional code will allow the person you are voting for to gain 5 votes, but only one time.

I'm gonna put the code in each time anyways just in case there's a glitch in the system that allows it to add 5 votes each time. :grin:

You should too. :thumbsup:

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Thank you everyone - and basically the way it works is you can vote every 24 hours (as opposed to once daily), it tracks the time from your IP address.

More promo numbers (all of these have worked): 935, 850, 847, 848, 849

Let's get this kid some wheels! :thumbsup:

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