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A sad announcement: Karma is gone.


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I should have to say it's with deep regret that I announce that our beloved fishie Karma passed away last Sunday.

I will just say that Karma , Lea's mother, will always live in our hearts. She was our oldest Songfactor and she was one of the youngest at the same time.

We are very sad and send our strenght to her family, Lea and her husband and daughter.

You sure remember her avatar:


I will always remember how she loved to participate in the Top Tens.

God bless you, sweet Karma.

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I dunno. I celebrate life when it's a fully happy life. Karma was so full of love... but she went through very hard times lately. God bless her and may she have peace. I miss her every day, we used to pt a lot and also on Facebook.

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I've waited to say something, until I had words to say. This is one of those times that the obvious just escaped me. And the obvious is, I'm so sorry for the loss of such a wonderful human being, and for what her family is suffering through.

and most especially for Lea, as she's dealing with other things above and beyond. My love and support go out to her, and virtual strength to get through these trials (such a small word for such a monumental task)...

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