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Middle Class Musicians Survey

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After doing a feature on the Austin producer Mark Addison, we started wondering how many other folks were making a fair living in the music industry, and how they do it. We're always hearing about the rock stars and superproducers who have made it big, and we all know some musicians living off credit cards, but we rarely hear from guys like Mark who have combined hard work and talent to make a comfortable living in music.

Our intrepid writer Nick Tozier put together a survey with these questions, which we will turn into a feature story with the answers:

What do you do? Do you provide lessons, gig, publish songs, etc.?

How has the economic downturn affected you?

What's your typical day like?

Would you say the ranks of musicians able to earn a decent living are growing or shrinking?

How do you use the internet, and how does the internet affect you as a working musician?

What do you like most about your job?

How do you define success as a musician?

If you or someone you know is a middle class musician, we'd love to hear from them.

Middle Class Musician Survey

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That's interesting. Of course, I don't know many musicians outside of Spain by now, but if you let me I could post the link on Facebook so my Spanish musician friends might want to answer... i don't know if it will work... they are not stars anymore... they had bands in the 80s and such...

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