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Songs about crime/murder


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Do you mean real cases, or fictional ones as well?

I don't like Mondays ~ The Boomtown Rats (real case amok run)

Polly ~ Nirvana (real case of abduction and rape)

Mein Teil ~ Rammstein (real case of (sort of) murder and cannibalism)

Strength Through Music ~ Amanda Palmer (about a student running amok)

Where the Wild Roses Grow ~ Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds feat. Kylie Minogue (murder)

The Rake's Song ~ The Decemberists (multiple child murders)

Die Moritat von Mackie Messer ~ Bertold Brecht (might also be known as "Mack the Knife"), (multiple murders, arson, rape)

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Claudine, Rolling Stones:

Claudine Longet was arrested and charged with fatally shooting her boyfriend, Olympic skier Vladimir "Spider" Sabich, at his Aspen, Colorado, home on 21 March 1976. At trial, Longet said the gun discharged accidentally as Sabich was showing her how it worked.

The Killing of Georgie, Rod Steward:

The Hurricane, Bob Dylan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLDSdnHWaSU .

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Ohio ~ CSNY :bow:

Folsom Prison Blues ~ Johnny Cash :bow:

Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix :bow:

Delilah ~ Tom Jones

The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia ~ Vicki Lawrence

Ballad Of Tim Evans ~ Ewan MacColl

The Ballad Of Bonnie and Clyde - Georgie Fame

Gimme Some Water ~ Eddie Money

*I'd post lyrics and videos but I'm having computer issues...

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As usual, I got Roger on the brain. "Switchblade" is a gorgeous song about an awful thing. The other two are great fun rocking tunes. :)

Switchblade ~ RCPM Dumb and drunk as we was, you know I'd do it all again... back when I bought a switchblade for all of my friends...

Banditos ~ Refreshments I got the pistol, so I'll keep the pesos... yeah, that seems fair.

Americano! ~ RCPM it's in my blood to live for the kill...

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Saturday Night Special ~ Lynyrd Skynyrd Two feets they come a-creepin' like a black cat do; and two bodies are layin' naked, creeper think he got nothing to lose. So he creeps into this house and unlocks the door. As the man's reaching for his trousers, shoots him full of .38 holes.

Back Door Stranger ~ .38 Special He waits in the shadows till the man is gone, then he moves to the door, now she's all alone. Far as you could see, that's her only way, she fears for her life and what her family would say.

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