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Obama Faces Challenging Re-Election Climate

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I'd also like to congratulate Joe Donnelly for beating that nutcase Richard Mourdock to become the first ever Notre Dame alum in the Senate. I did some work on his House campaign in 2010 when I was ND College Democrats president. He's a truly decent human being, which is saying a lot when talking about Congress.

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The Conservative movement will be to bring back slavery across the US, capital punishment for being gay, having an abortion or having any religious beliefs other than a Christian one. Women will be forced out of the workplace (or working at 25% of minimum wage).

This sounds like a good platform... :laughing:

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Happy about Obama .... but downright giddy about Todd. I've hated this guy since he began in local politics ten years ago.

Todd Akin was defeated as well, so that's 0-2 on the "Rape" agenda for the GOP.

Way to go MO, and Congrats to Claire!

:happybanana: :partytime1: :partytime2:

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