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:laughing: To be fair, I'm surprised nobody accused me of being a writer for Rolling Stone, given my obvious classicist rock and roll bias.

Oh plz, almost everyone on SF could write for Rolling Stone, it's not exactly a cutting edge publication. It's well aware its income comes from baby boomers so obvs will cater to oldies.

It's like how NME had its heyday back in Britpop times so only covers excruciatingly 'british' groups.

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My top 45 albums for 2012:

1. “Blunderbuss”- Jack White

2. “There’s No Leaving Now”- The Tallest Man On Earth

3. "Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!"- Godspeed! You Black Emperor

4. "The Parallax II: Future Sequence"- Between The Buried And Me

5. "Lonerism"- Tame Impala

6. "The Carpenter"- The Avett Brothers

7. "Be The Void"- Dr. Dog

8. "Shaimus"- Shaimus

9. "Some Nights"- fun.

10. “Colours”- Graffiti6

11. "Babel"- Mumford & Sons

12. "The Lumineers"- The Lumineers

13. "The Struggle"- Tenth Avenue North

14. “A Wasteland Companion”- M. Ward

15. “Noctourniquet”- The Mars Volta

16. "The 2nd Law"- Muse

17. "My Head Is An Animal"- Of Monsters And Men

18. “Resolution”- Lamb Of God

19. "Boys & Girls"- Alabama Shakes

20. "Walk The Moon"- Walk The Moon

21. "Stars And Satellites"- Trampled By Turtles

22. "Gossamer"- Passion Pit

23. “Port Of Morrow”- The Shins

24. "Night Visions"- Imagine Dragons

25. "The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind"- Ben Folds Five

26. "Little Broken Hearts"- Norah Jones

27. "Curve"- Our Lady Peace

28. "Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City"- Kendrick Lamar

29. "Beautiful Things"- Anthony Green

30. "Cruel Summer"- G.O.O.D. Music

31. “Break It Yourself”- Andrew Bird

32. “The Sheepdogs"- The Sheepdogs

33. "Swing Lo Magellan"- The Dirty Projectors

34. "Beacon"- Two Door Cinema Club

35. "King Animal"- Soundgarden

36. "Reign Of Terror"- Sleigh Bells

37. "Uno!"- Green Day

38. "Love At The Bottom Of The Sea"- The Magnetic Fields

39. "Valtari"- Sigur Ros

40. "Apocryphon"- The Sword

41. “Picture Show”- Neon Trees

42. “Born And Raised”- John Mayer

43. “Open Your Heart”- The Men

44. "Out Of Frequency"- The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

45. “Dr. Dee”- Damon Albarn

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Good to see friends-of-Songfacts The Asteroids Galaxy Tour on your list (just glad you didn't stop at 40).

If you want to give an old guy a chance, check out Bobby Womack's The Bravest Man In The Universe - the one with the gnarly hand album cover.

I didn't know Asteroid Galaxy Tour were friends of Songfacts, they're great.

And I'll have to check out Bobby Womack's album

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The one absence I'm surprised by on your list is Celebration Rock by Japandroids. I'd have thought that they're right up your alley.

That would probably be because I never got the chance to listen to that album. But I will do so soon. I have it, just never got around to it. Though based on your list, it seems I should listen to it soon.

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