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Wrecking Ball, Bruce's new album, is awesome. Could've used some Clarence though. :(

I agree...I love Wrecking Ball! I'm glad Clarence made it on the 'Land of Hope and Dreams' track. The first time I heard the new version of the song it really hit me.

Have you gotten to see Bruce on this tour? I saw him in April and it was fantastic! I couldn't get tickets for the 2nd leg though...yet.

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^ Just got that one, it's great!

Also, got Kimbra's album (yeah I know it's been out forever, but it just got an American release). Solidly crafted pop music. Nothing special, but very good.

And I've never been able to see Bruce live, but I might be able to in September depending on where life takes me.

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I'm really looking forward to the forthcoming release of my own band's album.

That's right, my band FLIES ON YOU, debut album "Nothing To Write Home About", being released in the next couple of weeks.

I'll be back with more release details, links to our website, promo vids, etc., as and when.

Keep your eyes peeled. ;)

Following a band conflab, we have decided to delay the release until September, for various reasons; getting videos completed, website up and running, registering with the PRS, etc. and to avoid the dip in interest in recorded music which apparently occurs during the summer: you can't get reviews anywhere, cus all the journos are distracted by festivals, so I'm told.

So, September it is, for the co-ordinated launch of FLIES ON YOU debut album, "Nothing To Write Home About"


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The Bandcamp page is under construction. Although the album will be available to buy though "the usual suspects", we will promoting bandcamp as the place to purchase it. Apart fromanything else, we will be selling the album/tracks much cheaper through bandcamp than the other outlets allow.

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Jukebox the Ghost's third album "Safe Travels" dropped on the 12th of June and I've been enjoying it since; a great slice of indie pop.

However, the record is a bit of a departure from their previous efforts in a way. The outstanding songwriting from Ben Thornewill and Tommy Siegel is still there , but the record seems more poppy and slightly overproduced in comparison to their first two, "Let Live and Let Ghosts" and "Everything Under the Sun." Some of the quirk is gone, but not completely. Still a great record and worth picking up.

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The new Sigur Ros album, Valtari, is beautiful. As you would expect. Much more of a concentration on ambient soundscapes, with only the occasional explosion into joyful, glorious noise. This is the album that Brian Eno and Phil Spector might make together if Phil Spector wasn't a homicidal maniac.

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