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The Songfactors' Choice: Musical Power Couples

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Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham

Since I don't have time to make a beautiful fancy story about them, I'll let someone else do the telling.

Nicks herself.

On first meeting:

"We were at some get-together and he was there, sitting, playing his guitar — [the Mamas and the Papas' hit] 'California Dreamin' ' — and I walked up and brazenly burst into harmony with him. It was cool, and I said 'I'm Stevie Nicks' and he said 'I'm Lindsey Buckingham.' I never saw him again for two years, until he was in a band and he remembered that night and he called and asked me to join their band."

These days:

"That electric crazy attraction between Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks never dies, never will die, never will go away," she said. "He's married, he's happy, he has three beautiful children that I love. You know, he's found a good, happy, calm, safe place — but who Lindsey and I are to each other will never change."

"It's over. It doesn't mean the great feeling isn't there, it must mean that ... you know, we're beauty and the beast. It means that the love is always there but we'll never be together, so that's even more romantic."

Asked when she knew the romance was really over, Nicks said, "The day his first child was born. I knew that was it ... that was the definitive thing."

In between:

"I think there was always something between me and Lindsey, but nobody in that band Fritz really wanted me as their girlfriend because I was just too ambitious for them. But they didn't want anybody else to have me either. If anyone else in the band started spending any time with me, the other three would literally pick that person apart. To the death. They all thought I was in it for the attention. These guys didn't take me seriously at all. I was just a girl singer, and they hated the fact that I got a lot of credit [after the breakup of Fritz, Stevie and Lindsey chose to stay together as a duo, calling themselves Buckingham Nicks.] We started spending a lot of time together working out songs. Pretty soon we started spending all our time together and… it just happened."

Lindsey: "Stevie and I, even when we were lovers, we never were really best friends. [W]e've always competed...ever since we started going together back in 1971. [There was always] tension on a musical level...even though we were excellent lovers, we were competitors as well."

The entire album Rumours was written around the breakup of the two couples in the band at the time: Stevie and Lindsey, and Christine and John McVie. But it was Stevie and Lindsey's relationship/breakup that would become the romance of fans and hit music for decades to come. They were volatile onstage and off, and Stevie's one big kiss-off to Lindsey, "Silver Springs," got left off the record due to "space issues." She said the lines in it "I'll follow you down till the sound of my voice will haunt you, you'll never get away from the sound of the woman that loves you" is a reference to him hearing her voice on the radio every time he turned it on.

Here is a version of it before, as Stevie says, "Lindsey put the magic in it."

Here is the Lindsey-magic version.

And here is Lindsey's kiss-off to Stevie.

Life on stage must have been a laugh riot for them in those days.

They were only together romantically for about 5 years ('71-'76), but the two first albums they put together with Fleetwood Mac are musts in every music lover's collection. Iconic, ground-breaking, enduring, sad, angry, and incredibly biographical.

Artist #1- Artistic Merit: 10

Artists #2- Artistic Merit: 10

Music They Made: 10

Longevity of relationship: 6

Total - 36 points

They got over it all (to a degree) and remain friends, and even still work together.

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Second nom:

Pat Benatar and Neil Giraldo

Married since 1982, he started out as her guitarist before they married. Along the way, they have collaborated on all of her hits and albums, either co-writing, or him writing and playing guitar with her singing.

Since 1980, they've had 14 songs hit in the Billboard Top 40 and she's won 4 Grammys for Female Vocalist.

They also have a daughter, Haley Giraldo, who has her own band which has opened for her parents in concert.

Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Fire and Ice

Little Too Late

Artist #1- Artistic Merit: 10

Artists #2- Artistic Merit: 8

Music They Made: 9

Longevity of relationship: 10

Total - 37 points

And that's all I have time for... :)

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ALREADY DID HER! You two can fight over her now.

:afro: :afro: :afro: :jester:

I thought this beauty and the geek relationship had a chance. Hope the Death Cab guy doesn't watch 500 Days of Summer.

Of course, ended relationships are still valid for this list. Still pondering my second nom.

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  • 2 weeks later...

This gives you all another 3 days to put up nominations. I notice some have only got one up there and some (Edna) has 3! :grin:

We've got a total so far of 18 couples, so I'm willing to open the board to more if someone's got a 3rd.

Edna suggested the White Stripes, but since she's already leading the pack with 3 noms, does someone else want to take them?

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The first list is with the male half of the couple named first, and the second list is the female half named first. I hope it's not too confusing. I haven't had time (or the know-how) to make this any fancier or more clear. If you don't know who the people are, go back to the nominations for information. :headphones:

Vote for your Top Ten couples... this should be interesting, since there's only 20 to choose from. It'll be a tight competition. :grin:

Andersson, Benny / Lyngstad, Anni-Frid

Ashford, Nickolas / Simpson, Valerie

Bramlett, Delaney / Bramlett, Bonnie

Bryant, Boudleaux / Bryant, Felice

Buckingham, Lindsey / Nicks, Stevie

Cash, Johnny / Carter Cash, June

Davis, Billy / McCoo, Marilyn

Gibbard, Ben / Dexchanel, Zooey

Giraldo, Neil / Benatar, Pat

Goffin, Gerry / King, Carole

Kantner, Paul / Slick, Grace

McCartney, Paul / McCartney, Linda

Moore, Thurston / Gordon, Kim

Rossdale, Gavin / Stefani, Gwen

Sonny / Cher

Springsteen, Bruce / Scialfa, Patti

Stein, Chris / Harry, Deborah

Stewart, Dave / Lennox, Annie

Taylor, James / Simon, Carly

Ulvaeus, Björn / Fältskog, Agnetha /

White, Jack / White, Meg


Benatar, Pat / Giraldo, Neil

Bramlett, Bonnie / Bramlett, Delaney

Bryant, Felice / Bryant, Boudleaux

Carter Cash, June / Cash, Johnny

Cher / Sonny

Deschanel, Zooey / Gibbard, Ben

Fältskog, Agnetha / Ulvaeus, Björn

Gordon, Kim / Moore, Thurston

Harry, Deborah / Stein, Chris

King, Carole / Goffin, Gerry

Lennox, Annie / Stewart, Dave

Lyngstad, Anni-Frid / Andersson, Benny

McCartney, Linda / McCartney, Paul

McCoo, Marilyn / Davis, Billy

Nicks, Stevie / Buckingham, Lindsey

Scialfa, Patti / Springsteen, Bruce

Simon, Carly / Taylor, James

Simpson, Valerie / Ashford, Nickolas

Slick, Grace / Kantner, Paul

Stefani, Gwen / Rossdale, Gavin

White, Meg / White, Jack


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1. Buckingham, Lindsey / Nicks, Stevie

2. Sonny / Cher

3. Cash, Johnny / Carter Cash, June

4. Taylor, James / Simon, Carly

5. Goffin, Gerry / King, Carole

6. McCartney, Linda / McCartney, Paul

7. Springsteen, Bruce / Scialfa, Patti

8. Kantner, Paul / Slick, Grace

9. Bramlett, Delaney / Bramlett, Bonnie

10 Stewart, Dave / Lennox, Annie

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1- Slick, Grace / Kantner, Paul

2- King, Carole / Goffin, Gerry

3- Harry, Deborah / Stein, Chris

4- Lyngstad, Anni-Frid / Andersson, Benny

Ulvaeus, Björn / Fältskog, Agnetha /

I vote for them as one, as I nominated the two couples as one music team, ABBA.

5- Bryant, Boudleaux / Bryant, Felice

6- Sonny / Cher

7- Simon, Carly / Taylor, James

8- Lennox, Annie / Stewart, Dave

9- McCartney, Paul / McCartney, Linda

10-Cash, Johnny / Carter Cash, June

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