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Who Loves the Blues?


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While my music will probably always be classic rock,since I was listening to it when it wasn't classic, it was new,I can only hear and actually enjoy certain songs so many times.I have become a huge fan of blues in the last 10 years or so.How about anyone else? Comments good or bad? Here's my "short list" of favorites:

Rock/Blues/crossover genres-how I got started

The Stones


Janis Joplin

Eric Clapton

The Jeff Beck Group

Dr. John

Ray Charles

Bonnie Raitt

Straight Up Blues: :guitar:

Jimmy Reed

Robert Johnson

BB King

Elvin Bishop

Muddy Waters

Buddy Guy

Howlin Wolf

Taj Mahal

Albert King

Koko Taylor

T-Bone Walker


John Mayall

Etta James

John Lee Hooker

Blind Lemon

Blind Owl

Bessie Smith

Billie Holiday

Any suggestions on anything I may not have heard by any of them, or other artists?

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My first encounter with the blues (around 1966) was having friends turn me on to "The Paul Butterfield Blues Band" album. I have the CD today, and happened to be listening to it when I read your post. It's still Blues With A Feeling and Screamin'.

I've got a bargain CD called "Muddy & The Wolf" which I think is pieced together from the "Fathers And Sons" album with Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Mike Bloomfield, Butterfield and "Duck" Dunn -and - Howlin' Wolf's "London Sessions" with Clapton, Stevie Winwood, Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts.

I've always dug Muddy's Long Distance Call and the "rehearsal" that leads into Howlin' Wolf's Red Rooster.

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Here's a bunch more great blues artists, in no particular order:

Freddie King, Albert Collins, Charlie Musselwhite

Mississippi Fred McDowell (I Do Not Play No Rock 'n' Roll)

Champion Jack Dupree, Lightnin' Hopkins, Sonny Boy Williamson

Magic Sam, James Cotton, Bobby 'Blue' Bland

Slim Harpo, Otis Rush, RL Burnside, Robert Cray

Delbert McClinton, Roy Buchanan, Canned Heat

Johnny Winter, Siegal-Schwall Band, Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Boz Scaggs (at his best with the blues)

You can even find Elmore James recordings on CDs.

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I love the blues. My friends think I'm crazy. They say "If your gonna listen to old music, listen to rock!" I tell them to screw popularity and listen from the heart to what they really like.

Has anyone else ever heard the B.B. King and Eric Clapton Album? Love it. The Paul Butterfield ones are good too

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Ridin' with the King? Got it, Love it.Danny boy you rock :rockon:(or is that you blue). I don't have any Paul Butterfield, although I think I've heard him. I'll check it out. If your friends want to hear rock, just put on Jimi and play Red House or Catfish Blues. You'll convert 'em.

you guys haven't mentioned any women. Listen to Janis' Turtle Blues or Summertime or Little Girl Blue.Great. :thumbsup:

Bazooka(is that for the gum or the weapon?)Muddy Waters and Howlin Wolf are 2 that haven't got anything I don't like. London Sessions is great, and it's got a couple of my boys, Bill and Charlie. I adore Charlie Watts.

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My favorite compilation cd -

From the Vaults - Vol.1

Work Song - Paul Butterfield

Your Love is Real - William Clarke

Snatch It Back and Hold It - Junior Wells

Keep on Lovin' Me Baby - Magic Sam

Killing Floor - Howlin' Wolf

Driving Wheel - Little Junior Parker

All Your Love (I Miss Loving) - Melvin Taylor

Low Society - Lowell Fulson

You'll Need Another Favor - Little Johnny Taylor

Mama, What About Your Daughter? - J.B. Lenoir

Blind Man - Little Milton

Hold That Train - Otis Rush

Black Nights - Lowell Fulson

then some r&b

Treat Her Right - Roy Head / Traits

Tell Mama - Etta James

W.P.L.J. - 4 Deuces

Hey Bartender - Floyd Dixon

Searching for My Love - Bobby Moore / Rhythm Aces

Every Beat of My Heart - James Brown Band

I Don't Know What You've Got, But It's Got Me - Little Richard


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you guys haven't mentioned any women.

You've listed Koko Taylor, one of my favorites, and Big Bad Etta, of course.

Bonnie Raitt re-introduced the classic Blues singer/writer Sippie Wallace to a wider audience a few years before Sippie died in 1986.

Angela Strehli and Susan Tedeschi are a couple of newer blues/rock standouts.

And I've always loved Lydia Pense & Cold Blood.

Bazooka(is that for the gum or the weapon?)

It's ambiguous.

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Etta ~~ At Last, You Can Leave Your Hat On, I've Been Lovin You Too Long (top of the line favorite)

Bessie Smith ~~ Baby Won't You Please Come Home

Koko Taylor ~~ Evil, Bills Bills Bills

Just a few of my favorites. Thanks for the hints on newer blues gals. Oh, and I'll take Bazooka as the gum - it makes the best bubbles!! ::

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Cool, Bazooka. I didnt' think anyone would mention Susan Tedeschi. She's an awesome singer and guitarist. I've seen her twice in concert. I think if blues were a more popular musical genre, she would be a household name.

I also like Jonny Lang - he was practically a child prodigy on guitar just a few years ago, but now he's getting a little older (he's 22). He sounded like an old blues man as a teen. Check out "Lie to Me" and "Wander this World."

Keb' Mo' is absolutely awesome. :bow: I have his self-titled, and it's all acoustic.

Y'all have covered the oldies but goodies, so I'll stop while I'm ahead!

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Crystal, I like Johnny Lang too, but I'm not crazy about Kenny Wayne Shepard(similar story- young kid playin old blues). How about you?

Here in St Louis over the Labor Day Weekend they are having the Muddy Blues Festival. Four stages, eighteen bands, from well known to little known, and it's all free! We're pretty big on blues around here, of course. :guitar:

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Lately I've been more fond of Jonny. I've seen them both in concert and they can definitely play, but the thing that turned me off with Kenny Wayne is that his first album was billed as "Kenny Wayne Sheppard" and then when I saw him live and he had a lead singer while he sang back up and played guitar. I know close reading of liner notes would have prevented the shock, but it was almost like he was misleading people. (All subsequent albums have been "Kenny Wayne Sheppard Band ")

Also, a few years ago in an interview he was asked what he thought about other young, talented blues guitarists and he basically commented that he wasn't aware of any others. That bothered me because both he and Jonny Lang were major phenoms at the time. He would've have to been under a rock not to have heard of Jonny.

Nevertheless, I own both of Kenny Wayne's albums and will probably buy the third when it's released this fall.

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Croc, this is unbelievable. Welcome neighbor. I put St Louis cause I figure nobody would know St Charles. I'm from St Charles!!!I've told everyone how :sleepy:Missouri is, and St Charles is more so. I'm gonna ask a St Louis question, nobody else will get the humor: What high school do you go to. High or West? I'm tickled silly, and don't worry, we love the young'uns around here.

I'll explain that question, I was actually gonna start a thread about it a while back, like what strange things do they do in your hometown. Around the St Louis area, when you meet someone one of the first questions any one asks, whether you are 14 or 40 or 80 is "What High School did you go to"? no one knows why, and you hear it everywhere,tv, radio, parties. I guess thats how we define people. In fact in honor of Croc i'm gonna change my location to the correct one. And I went to High!!

Bazooka that bill would have been the SH**!! :guitar:

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Around the St Louis area, when you meet someone one of the first questions any one asks, whether you are 14 or 40 or 80 is "What High School did you go to"? no one knows why, and you hear it everywhere,tv, radio, parties. I guess thats how we define people.

Carole, this must be a Missouri thing. People ask me this, too, although I didn't even grow up in Springfield. (I'm a Mississippi Queen myself, born and raised in the Bootheel!)

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Sorry to break into these scintllating tales of the "Show Me" state

Today, I got a taste of the latest Dave Alvin CD ("Ashgrove"), and, folks, it was tasty.

I was also reminded of the still great and still underrated Tommy Castro Band . I first "discovered' Tommy Castro on TV as the house band for the Saturday late-night "Comedy Showcase" . His latest CD is "Gratitude", a tribute to Tommy's own favorite Blues artists.

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