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We all know that what makes a great album is typically a great band. However it's seemed to me that in every interview with a band about their greta album, they always point directly at their producer.

We all know the famous ones, George Martin, Phil Spector etc. but I was wondering, who are some other really good ones?

I've always personally been a fan of T-Bone Burnett and Jack White's producing (as well as their music respectively).

I know I've heard of Bob Rock as a good producer for the most part. And Todd Rundgren. Any others?

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The first two that immediately come to mind are

Rick Rubin

Licensed to Ill, Blood Sugar Sex Magik, Johnny Cash's American Recordings and he did a whole bunch of stuff for the likes of Metallica and Slayer too.

Steve Albini (musician in Big Black)

produced the Pixies (Surfer Rosa), Nirvana (In Utero), PJ Harvey (Rid of Me), Flogging Molly

AND Nerve Rack wrote a song about him :D

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I am quite fond of Daniel Lenois. He gave some artists a re-start, e.g. Emmylou Harris with her album Wrecking Ball, or Bob Dylan with the album Time Out Of Mind.

Neil Young sought his support on Le Noise.

And all of his work with U2.

Great producer, gets the best out of artists.

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I don't think David Bowie would be who he is without Tony Visconti. Todd Rundgren has already been mentioned, but he's worth mentioning again just because I consider Bat Out Of Hell to be one of the best produced records of all time. And of course, what's Thriller without Quincy Jones?

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That was my first thought Butch Vig the sound behind Nirvana!

Well my second choice would be these guys: Jimmy Jams and Terry Reed!

They worked all these artist-TLC, The Sounds of Blackness, Yolanda Adams, Jordan Knight, Michael Jackson, Boyz II Men, Usher, Mary J. Blige, Mariah Carey, Prince, Spice Girls, Vanessa Williams, George Michael, Melanie B, Rod Stewart, Kelly Price, Gwen Stefani, New Edition, Eric Benet, Pia Zadora, Solo, Morrison Slick, Human League.

They had the 80's R&B sound down to a science.

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