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Lie a little


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Lie a little

We must share more time before The Split

Time I’ll watch you fade away

From every dream, far from my hands

So, I’ve something I need to say

Lie to me a little

I know exactly how big your heart is

Your honest nature to be kind

Since you asked for space between us

Look inside, please try to find

A way to lie to me a little

Though I know you don’t, say you hate me

It’ll be kinder for me that way

Call me most cruel on the entire earth

Then I’ll not long or want to stay

And we’ll lie to one another

Act like you’ll scratch my eyes out

Until I’m filled with doubt or fears

Because right now my only trembling

Comes while fighting back these tears

So just lie a little

Your eyes cannot, so turn, look away

Whenever I might pass near

I’ll pretend they’re flashing anger toward me

And so, want out of here

Let’s lie a little.

Tell me you’ll take care of yourself

Pull the covers up ‘round your neck

In the middle of the night you’ll be alright

You won’t need my loving check

I’ll feel ok if you lie

Pantomime arms crossed over chest

Tap your foot as if so mad

Because if you keep right on being nice

I’ll deeper times deeper grow sad

I need you to lie

Tell fairy tales while dining with friends

About how I treated you so bad

Make them hate me enough to smudge me out

Of photos that we all once had

Lie a little

I’ll suppose past moments weren’t so strong

It’s my illusion just the same

But if you mock those memories through scorn

I’ll think you never felt the same

Simply lie a little.

When at last I’m assured I no longer belong

My heart may find some rest

See, I can go forward as you’ll do the same

Because that’s really, truly what’s best

And we’ll lie a little forever


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