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Best Outro Or Ending To A Song?

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The end of Kiss' 'Deuce', where Ace lets it out, full throttle. Everyone makes jokes about Kiss, but unless you can make it burn like that, then maybe silence is your best friend. I get really weary of people knocking them. A bunch of the younger guys at work rip on me for liking them Iin a friendly way) frequently. I brought in the "Alive II" album and opened it up to the gatefold.


Can your favorite band do that? ? No? Then perhaps you may want to go away now...


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I'm one of those freaks that actually enjoys revolution #9--truly a creepy ride forwards and backwards. And I like the ending, with the crowd chants at the football game, and the last line, "take this brother may it serve you well." As is said, I'm a freak.

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'black' by pearl jam (the line 'i kno someday youll have a beautiful life, i kno youll be a star in somebody elses sky, but why, why, why cant it be, why cant it be mine' is one of the best lines ever, and eddies voice is amazing)

'epic' by faith no more

'paint it black' by the rolling stones

'rooster' by alice in chains

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I think progressive rock bands are the masters of outros (then again, I think progressive rock bands are the masters of pretty much everything :P ). I used to think Supper's Ready by Genesis definitely had the best outro ever, but the song that supposedly inspired Supper's Ready, A Plague Of Lighthouse Keepers by Van der Graaf Generator is a serious competitor.

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