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Why Sing

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Why Sing

We love a rhythm that rhymes

With a cadence that falls as it climbs.

A poem that shares its best

When lines circle around

To tap on our shoulder

Then caress a jaded ear

We love a poem that rhymes

While daring “Guess what's next?â€

Looks directly inside us

Unafraid to share its heart to

Urge primal music to start to

Dance away from a dreary destiny

Make it the best of times!

For time is not ours forever

Slogging through the curse

Find respite within a verse

Because rhyme just might last;

Knows no death, has no past


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What's wrong S2V? Don't you like when my lyrics make you wonder "Guess what's next?" :wink:

Just bugging you... cool stuff dude! :rockon:

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