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I love America! :: The song "Tin Man" is so great...

"Oz never did give nothing to the Tin Man

That he didn't, didn't already have"

That makes me very happy for some reason. :bow:

But I couldn't figure out the meaning of the next lines...

"And Cause never was the reason for the evening

Or the tropic of Sir Galahad."

Do I have to eat a mushroom to understand that?

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America did interesting stuff musically.

I think their lyrics could use work.

"He flies the sky

Like an eagle in the eye

Of a hurricane

That's abandoned " ~ from The Sandman

And A Horse With No Name is full of words that rhyme (like a bad rap) but what's the point?

I don't think a song needs to have a deep meaning, but in the case of America, the lyrics sometimes were a distraction from the music.

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This is a small venue they are playing too. A club with a capacity of oh, maybe 850, and I think thats an exaggeration. I saw them way back in the day (like when they were in their heydey) and I so wanted to go now. The contest is going on all week, I may get those tickets yet. I'm pretty lucky with radio contests. ::

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My favorite America song is probably "Sister Golden Hair." But I'm surprised "Ventura Highway" hasn't been mentioned yet. It's a good one! Think I'll change my signature to "alligator lizards in the air." (They must have had good drugs!)

Weren't they army brats whose families were stationed in Great Britain?

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