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John Lennon Was Reagan Supporter By The End Of His Life

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At least the people that agree with you, BF, rarely have anything important to say so I reckon you're in good company!

Coincidental or perhaps true?

I'm wondering just how much you drink to become so unnecessarily nasty, rude and offensive to people who really don't deserve your juvenile sarcasm? Maybe you don't drink at all, but I'd hate to think that someone could achieve this state of boorish unpleasantness in times of sobriety.

You reckon I'm in good company? How right you are. I've no idea why you might have any axe to grind towards Kari and Shawna, but after 5 years frequenting SongFacts - which has afforded plenty of opportunity to size up the clientele - heaven knows, I find their company far more entertaining, enlightening and convivial than I could ever find yours.

However, somehow you are still free to roam these boards, spreading your peculiar brand of fork-tongued bonhomie hither and thither, so I guess the rest of us must learn to like it or lump it.

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I hope this allowed, I have never used this website before so I wasn't really sure what this was going to do. So this is just a test post. I really like this forum, it has some excellent discussions that take place

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You ding dong fool No! It's not allowed!

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