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New Riddle Game

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So I'll just try again ;)

A black dog stands in the middle of an intersection in a town painted black. None of the street lights are working due to a power failure caused by a local storm. A car with two broken headlights drives towards the dog but turns in time to avoid hitting him. How could the driver have seen the dog in time?

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A kid was at a fair and went to a booth where a carny told the kid, "If I write your exact weight on this paper then you'll have to pay me $10 dollars, but if I can't then I'll give you $10 bucks."

The kid searched around and didn't see a scale so he agrees, thinking whatever the carny says he weighs he will just say he weighs something different.

In the end the kid ended up having to give the carny $10. How did the kid lose the bet?

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