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Just listening to the song..

I dreamed I saw the silver space ships....

one of the classics of the 1970s without doubt...

but listening to the record it all seems very amature.

Neil's voice is just passable I suppose,

there's a piano in there... then the French horn ? comes in....

It all seems very basic.

I seem to remember reading an article that Neil

was recording in a barn in the 70s ... with bales of hay piled up for soundproofing...

maybe he was in the barn for that very basic recording.

The song is up there with John Lennon's finest,

just imagine ... if John had wrote it...

just imagine the mega production that George Martin and EMI would have laid on........

orchestras... heavenly choirs....

they would have pulled out all the stops for such a wonderful song.

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You know,Mr. Neil Young hasn't really made any bad music.Some of it is a little bit out there but,I even have a sorta country CD.(International Harvester)And at first I was sort of wtf?But,the music is good.It just took awhile to digest.And if you ever get a chance to see him "live".Go for it.His shows might start out acoustic(he's a very good guitar player)But,his electric stuff(especially with Crazy Horse)rocks...And his voice just fits the music. :laughing: He wrote it, and he always goes back to the early stuff.Not many people who have been around as long as he has,do that.

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