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songs about reuniting with an old flame?


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I'm looking for songs about reuniting with an old love, dated in high school, now many years later getting back together and a flood of emotions coming back that feels like it was just yesterday that we were at our homecoming dances and walking hand in hand at our county fair. its pretty wild. lol

I thought of Toby Kieths, we were in love.

of course theres plenty of the songs we used to dance to and listen to in the car, but still, would like to be able to find a song about the present situation. any help would be great.

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you mean the actual situation or more wishful thinking ("how would it be if we'd get together now?")

Oh Deborah, do you recall?

Your house was very small with woodchip on the wall

When I came round to call, you didn't notice me at all

And I said: "Let's all meet up in the year 2000

Won't it be strange when we're all fully grown?

Be there, two o'clock by the fountain down the road."

I never knew that you'd get married

I would be living down here on my own

On that damp and lonely

Thursday years ago

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I'm not quite sure but the following song seems to fit your query . . .


I was a fool to ever leave your side

Me minus you is such a lonely ride

That break-up we had has made me lonesome and sad

I realize I love you 'cuz I want you back, hey-hey

I spent the evening with the radio

Regret the moment that I let you go

Our quarrel was such a way of learning so much

I know now that I love you 'cuz I need your touch, hey-hey


Reunited and it feels so good

Reunited 'cuz we understood

There's one perfect fit and sugar this one is it

We both are so excited 'cuz we're reunited, hey-hey

I sat here starin' at the same old wall

Came back to life just when I got your call

I wished I could climb right through the telephone line

And give you what you want so you would still be mine, hey-hey

I can't go cheatin' honey, I can't play

I found it very hard to stay away

As we reminisce on precious moments like this

I'm glad we're back together 'cuz I missed your kiss, hey-hey



Lovin' lover this is solid love

And you're exactly what I'm dreamin' of

All through the day, and all through the night

I'll give you all the love I have with all my might, hey-hey


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I talked to Jason Michael Carroll a while back and his song "We Threw It All Away" is about exactly that. Here's what he had to say about it:

Jason: Absolutely. It's kind of a continuation of “Living Our Love Song.†“Living Our Love Song†is a song about Wendy and I - my wife now. We dated for a while in high school, under the radar. She was a little bit younger than me, and her mom and dad found out and they sent her away to college, out of state, to get her away from me. And it worked. Because she got married, and I got married, seven years went by. She got divorced, and here I was divorced with three kids. And I remember her coming to a bar and us hitting it off like we'd never missed a day. And so I remember dating for a while, and then I think I'd just signed my record deal when we found out she was pregnant with J.W. And I remember she was graduated from college, successful x-ray tech at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital, and here I was a country music singer, just seemed like I'd achieved my dreams of getting a record deal. And then from both sides we were both hearing, “You've thrown it all away, all your hard work. You've thrown it all away.†And that's where the song came from. But it turned out to be having the children that we have, Wendy's a great step mother to my oldest three, and she's a great mom to Junior. It's really been one of the best things that's ever happened to either one of us. Even with all of our success outside of our careers.

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