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The Day The Music Died - Buddy Holly Crash Site


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3 days, 3000Km's. My Son and I went to Clear Lake, Iowa to see the legendary Surf Ballroom and the cornfield in which Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, the Big Bopper along with pilot Roger Peterson met an untimely end. do2tyx.jpg




Standing on the same stage Buddy Holly played his last show was really... I don't know if there is an actual word for it. Something along the lines of profound. The Surf Ballroom is a gem of a venue, and still a stop for some pretty big names.

All the best, Ken.

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The tragic events of multiple musicians meeting untimely death is still living on...in a macabre sort of way.

Just the songs written about that day surely set an example for today's artists. Not to mention other artists writing songs about other musician's misconceptions about those who died in the plane crash!

Thanks for the visual and beautiful scenery but I can't remember life as death. I have lived others' death and feeling tough...my own approaches soon enough.

Most likely, the only thing stupider than a reply from MuzikTyme is this


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A fan had asked for and was granted permission to add the horn-rim glasses marker to the trail-head. I was surprised at the close proximity to the Mason City Airport and the Surf Ballroom. They only travelled a few miles to the Airport from the venue, and only made it a couple of miles away. It was pretty early when we were out there (7:15, 7:30-ish our time, Korey and I hadn't realized we'd driven into a different time zone so it was actually an hour earlier than that.). It was really quiet, peaceful. We met a couple of other people on the way out and passed a few minutes with them. You people from the 'States are *awesome*. We were treated well everywhere we went.

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Virginia is definitely on the agenda. I looked up Blue Ridge Mountains as in Denver's "Country Roads" and Google suggested the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway. Breathtaking.

We also made a stop in Joliet, Illinois. Went to the Joliet Correctional Institution. Having seen the Blues Brothers well over 300X, it was a film that put me squarely in touch with the Stax/Volt stable, I had to go.


This ties in to being treated well by my American Brothers and Sisters. A guy driving by, Eric, stopped and made it possible for Korey and I to have our photos taken together...




Now if I could only get my hands on a Mount Prospect City Police decal for the bike..... Now THAT would be something. However, I just might trade the bike for a microphone..



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Virginia is . . .

on the agenda

The original quote is: "Virginia is for lovers."

That Ken; a poet, scuba diver, KISS fan, devoted family-man and one swell guy.

What did I leave out?

P.S. Parrothead? And, also, he's a bit partial to Hawaiian shirts and fava beans. (lol)


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